Monday, June 14, 2010

Stepping Outside Of My Comfort Zone

In a previous post I have mentioned a quilt swap I'm in with 10 other lovely ladies. Each month we are to decorate a 6"x45" fabric strip in our partners theme and send it off to them with a coordinating fabric print strip. Once we all have sent to the other 10, we will assemble our quilts. I've never done a swap or a quilt like this, but I couldn't resist. The chosen themes were about what you might expect. Spring, Autumn, Christmas, cats. But one swappers theme had me worried from the beginning. And May was the month that I was paired up with her. I knew I would have to do some research and be very creative to pull off a Day of the Dead theme. This was definitely going to be a challenge. But there's nothing wrong with challenging yourself now and then. I was pleased with the outcome and I'd like to share it with you.

Five hand embroidered blocks pieced with bright colored strips to make the full length.

I was glad that I had started sketching these sugar skulls well before May when I was assigned the swap.

In fact, By May 1st I had 3 drawings completed and a fourth was in progress.

I seemed to gain some confidence as I progressed, as the designs got more detailed as I went. The 2 front facing skulls were my first and the center design with the sombrero was the last to get done.

I spent a month embroidering a bit each day to get this done. And as soon as it was done, I missed having an embroidery project to work on. Thank goodness I picked up a package of tea towels at JoAnn Fabrics the last time I was there. Now to choose a design and get to work.


Nan said...

You did a fantastic job here, now Day of the Dead is a theme I would have never come up with but it sure worked for you here. I can't do embroidery like this, you and Elizabeth both are experts at it.

barncat said...

Wouldn't be my theme either, but you made them look great, that sombrero is fantastic! (I do love the vintage Mexican embroidery transfers).

There are Day of the Dead transfers out there! I think you've got Sublime Stiching beat, great job!

Linda Ruthie said...

How did I miss those on Sublime Stitching? I know I've been to their site. Thank you both for your lovely comments.
Linda Ruthie

craftyles said...

You did a great job. I love the embroidery and the colors. Wow! I'm sure your partner will love it!

Patty said...

Brilliant! Love the block you really stepped up and met your challenge.

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

Now that would be out of my comfort zone too...but I must say you are doing an excellent job! Wow fantastic!

Elizabeth said...

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Happy@Home said...

Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I really appreciated your kind comments and sharing your story of your back problems. I hope that you have found relief after having your surgery.
I'm so glad to have discovered your blog as it is just adorable. I love, love, love your header picture. Blue and white and aprons are right up my alley :)
I admire your talents as a seamstress. I would say you did a wonderful job of meeting this particular challenge.

Lizzie said...

Quite a challenge! They look wonderful. Thanks for coming by today, I truly appreciate your kind words.

Creative Breathing said...

Linda, your blocks are just wonderful! I have seen this type of swap just once before where the person's theme was gnomes, mushrooms, aqua, red and white. It turned out lovely beyond words. You will have such fun. I can't wait to see the strip sent to you. PS I laughed at your comment on Paula's blog. I squealed out loud as well at seeing her new cupboard. It is so great to feel that happy for someone's good fortune! Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth