Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leslie, over at Brookhollow Lane has honored me with the Trendy Blog Award. I must say that 'trendy' has never before been used to describe myself or my interests. I am and always have been very old fashioned in my tastes and ideas. Only by connecting with people from all over the world (thanks to the internet) do I now see that there is a trend toward these things. I love finding others who prefer vintage to new, who love to sew and craft, who homeschool and who proudly share their latest thrift shop or flea market treasure. I find I'm making new friends nearly every day just by clicking on the little icon next to someone's comment. And their blog leads me to another and another. So, thank you Leslie for this award and for being one of my blogging friends.

Now I am to choose 10 bloggers to give this award to, leave them a comment to let them know and they in turn are to post about receiving it and choose 10 bloggers to award. (The math on this is mind boggling!)

In deciding which blogs to award, I looked for bloggers who might appreciate some visitors and perhaps some new followers. All of these ladies will treat you to vintage eye candy and/or inspiring crafts. Enjoy!

Holly at Girls at Heart

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A New Treasure

I wanted to show what came home with me yesterday. We are finishing up clearing out my MIL's house. This is something she had as long as my husband and his brothers can remember. Years ago it was stripped of about 6 coats of paint, down to the ribbon stripe mahogany. I never saw her use it in the 20 years I knew her, but I'm so glad she kept it.

Pretty and small enough to tuck in the corner. But wait....

Here's a peek...

Now you know what it is.

Isn't she beautiful?

It's a Singer, 100th Anniversary model 201-2.
It has the instruction booklet and all the attachments.

I haven't tried it yet. But I'm hoping she sews as great as my online research says.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hometown Reds

Join Sue over at It's A Very Cherry World. each Rednesday for lots of red goodness.

I went digging through my pictures and came up with some reds from my hometown.

First is the Day and Night Diner. You can get a good meal in this Worcester Lunch Car, nearly all original inside and out. Others have posted pictures of this diner and many other Worcester Lunch Cars in this FlickR group. When we travel, we always look for local diners to get a good meal and wonderful vintage atmosphere.

You can also get a good meal served in this vintage railroad car. It's part of the Steaming Tender Restaurant here in town. The main restaurant is located in the historic train station but the owners bought and converted this car to accommodate small parties. We were privileged to get a little tour of the work in progress but I haven't been in the 'new' car since it's been put into service.

And since Memorial Day is less than two weeks away, I thought I'd share a nice picture from last year's parade. The fire trucks usually bring up the rear in the parade. Because my small town is made up of four villages, each with it's own fire department, we have lots of emergency equipment. No blasting horns or sirens on Memorial Day though, out of respect for the solemn occasion.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My First Tag Swap

I'm so excited to be in my very first tag swap. And it's the most fun theme. I'll be playing along with some other wonderful happy campers over at Paula's Palace of AltAred Art. I've chosen my camper tags to be styled after those little teardrop campers. I love the shape and possibilities for decorating this camper.

Here's what I've gathered to work with and my inspiration page. I still have some research to do and a sketch to draw before I start cutting and gluing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

1949 Dream Kitchen

I've been wanting to share this booklet I picked up at the flea market a few weeks ago. It's full of great images. This makes for a long post, so I've kept the pictures small. Just click on them to enlarge.

Who remembers these baby bathtubs???

I think my favorite one is the boys using the bowls and pans to make their own game.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Green Mountain Reds

It has taken me all day to get this post done. But I won't bore you with the details.

While we were up North in the Green Mountain state of Vermont last weekend, I was already thinking of this Rednesday. This was our main destination.

This is the Cabot Visitor Center in Cabot, Vermont. We did not take the factory tour to watch the cheese being made as we have done on previous trips. We did however, taste nearly all of the samples set out and left with a couple of pounds of cheddar, some cinnamon crusted butter (YUM!) and a case of Cheddar Shake. We can buy most Cabot products here in Massachusetts but not Cheddar Shake. My guys love to put this on their popcorn. So about once a year we make the trip (about a 3-4 hour drive) and stock up.

After getting the goods at Cabot, we headed east to St. Johnsbury where we had hotel reservations. Taking a recommdation from the hotel desk clerk, we headed downtown and enjoyed at delicious dinner at Anthony's
Diner. We brought dessert back to eat at the hotel. I had Maple Walnut Pie and hubby had Fresh Strawberry Pie. I should have taken a picture of that for Rednesday!

Across from Anthony's was this wonderful old train station. It contains a visitor center which unfortunately was closed. I would have loved to go in here.

Just one of the beutiful red barns along the way. I LOVE barns. It's so frustrating for me that I can't get pictures of the lovely things I see while zipping along the highway. I did manage to snap this one out the front window. If you enlarge the picture, you just might find bug splats on the windshield.

And I thought I'd tack on a picture of my newest Pinwheel Sampler blocks since I did sneek some red in both.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Reds. Check out all the wonderful Rednesday posts over at It's A Very Cherry World.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My First Penny Rug

For many years now, the town next door has held a huge craft show on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Many crafters come and go, but there are some who are always there, in the same spot every year. One such crafter has a booth full of beautiful felt decorations. She has a pegboard full of Christmas ornaments that she has embroidered and stitched together. But her piles of penny rugs have always captured my attention. I have been to many craft shows and I've never seen anyone else selling these adorable items. She begins the day with two stacks of penny rugs, each about 12 inches high. They each seem to be a different design. All hand stitched, all beautiful colors. As the day progresses, the stacks shrink. I'm sure she must have customers that come back each year to buy a new design to add to their collection.
So, in case you can't hear the longing in my voice, I'll come right out and say it. I envy these penny rugs! I want them all!
And yet, I've never attempted to make one myself. Certainly my decades of sewing and crafting experience, qualify me to create one of these objects of my desire. I guess I was waiting for someone to take me by the hand and show me exactly what to do. That's exactly what happened while reading Creative Breathing's blog Just the project for a first attempt at making a penny rug. This was so much fun to make! I think perhaps I'll try the cherry design next. Thank you Elizabeth, for taking my hand.