Friday, June 29, 2012

Friendship Swap

My blog buddy, Elizabeth over at Creative Breathing has come up with another fun idea for a swap. She has asked her friends to create a papercrafted triangle, decorated to represent their blog in a one-on-one swap. I was honored to be on E's list of friends.
Following Elizabeth's lead, I have asked a few buddies to swap triangles with me so that I may create a friendship garland for my craft room. So far, I am swapping with:
Elizabeth...Creative Breathing
Sandy........521 Lake Street
Shirley......Zetta's Aprons
Tammy.....Tammy's In Love
Lynn.......Life on the Wienee Ranch  

I have made a few triangle banners before and given them away in swaps.

This JINGLE banner and...

This SUMMER banner and...

This SPOOKY banner. (Sorry about picture quality. I'm not good at photographing these.)

As I am planning my triangles I know there will be gingham, rick-rack, buttons and of course aprons. Now to get it all onto a 8"x9" triangle.
If you love this idea, I hope you will swap friendship triangles with your blog buddies and link up on Creative Breathing's post. It will be great fun to see all of these creations.  And if you would like to swap with me, please just ask. I would love to swap with you. (I will have a limit as to how many I will make but I'm not sure what that is yet.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cats in Hats

The kittens on my baby quilt were so cute! I have a few kittens in my vintage greeting card collection I wanted to share. So let's have a kitty party. Here's one cat in a hat.

A very flirty cat in an apron...what's not to love?

Sorry about the black edges on these. I'm still trying to get the hang of the new scanner.
Very pretty colors on this one.

Love this cat's hat.

And a ribbon of music and roses, so sweet.

A smiling cat with pink cheeks!

Another sweet image inside.

Singing cats, I love these faces.

Signed by mom.

And a cute pair of brown kittens.

There's just something special about a kitten wearing a bow. 
As always, feel free to use these images in your craft projects.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Debbie or Sandra?

Why do I keep getting these songs stuck in my head? Well this time I know where it came from. My new friend Tammy and her blog are to blame. Yes, in the past few days since discovering another kindred spirit, Tammy's In Love keeps running through my mind. So, let's all sing along...

That was great! I knew you'd remember the words.

Tammy and the Bachelor (1957) was the original movie (my favorite) starring Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Nielsen.
Debbie has her own website with lots of information on her life and career. Guess what song you'll hear when you click Debbie's site. Oh, yes, out of all of Debbie's work, it's Tammy that greets you there. Don't be surprised if Debbie shows up here on my blog another time.

In 1961, Sandra Dee starred with John Gavin in Tammy Tell Me True.

Sandra has a fan website that doesn't seem to be updated but still has quite a bit of information.
And Sandra Dee returned in 1963 with Peter Fonda in Tammy and the Doctor. This time Sandra performs Tammy's In Love.

I have to wonder if Tammy's dialog was based on a study of river people or did some Hollywood writer make it up.
All three movies are great fun. Hubby bought me the DVD set and he enjoys watching them with me.

Now I don't remember seeing this when I was a kid but they made 26 half-hour episodes of Tammy for TV in 1965-1966. Here's a little peek.

In 1967 the 4th Tammy movie, Tammy and the Millionaire was released. It starred the same cast from the TV show.  This movie has one of my favorite Tammy quotes: "Looks is a heap more important than brains because most men can see a lot better than they can think."

So, do you have a favorite Tammy? 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bowties and Butterflies

This adorable fabric was my inspiration for the newest baby quilt that was gifted yesterday at a baby shower. I had purchased 4 FQ of the small prints a few months ago. When I found out my hubby's nephew and his wife were expecting a girl, I headed back to the quilt shop to get some more. I L♥VE this large print I used for the quilt back. The quilt front is pieced from the co-ordinating fabrics and other prints that I had in my stash. I tried working with just the fabrics in the collection and a white-on-white but it seems I can't stop myself from making scrap quilts. I just have so much fun mixing colors and prints together and I love the old fashioned look of a scrap quilt.

I made 6" bowtie blocks (this was quick and easy to do) and what I felt worked perfectly as an alternate block. As it turned out, not only did the alternate blocks have a butterfly print on them but they seemed to make butterflies when I sewed the rows together.

And here's the back. I put 2 layers of cotton batting between and tied the quilt with pink pearl cotton.

I also made a 'kitten' baby shower card but forgot to snap a pic.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What a Day!

Doris Day that is.

Well, no sooner had my last post got one song out of my head, when in popped another.

Now how cute is that?
I've been a Doris Day fan since I was about 6 years old. My parents had this album in their collection and I played it over and over.

Remember when your living room furniture included one of these?

Ours was just about this same color, the top lifted open to use the turntable, the center front had sliding doors for record storage and gold cloth with metallic thread covered the speakers on each side. My mother didn't have to worry about me for hours when she gave me permission to play records in the living room. 

Later in life I discovered that Doris Day had made movies! What fun!!! In searching out info for this post, I see that there are quite a few Doris Day movies I've never seen. (I guess I can start that bucket list now.) Of the ones I have seen my favorite is...

The movie is from the Broadway show with tons of great  musical numbers like this one.

I love the aprons and cover-ups on these women.
And do you remember from 1968 to 1972 watching the Doris Day Show?
As a young woman, I searched out more music from my parent's era and discovered Big Band and Swing. And there was Doris Day again! Absolutely sensational!!!

And one more song that I hadn't heard until today but fell in love with instantly.


 Doris Day has a website.
And I was excited to find this recent interview with Doris that was just wonderful. What a beautiful, down-to-earth person. And a crafter as you can see her working on some knitting in this pic.

Well, I feel like I've spent my morning with Doris and it was so much fun. Do you have a favorite Doris Day movie or song?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day at the Beach

My favorite Patti Page song keeps running through my mind. (Be sure to check out her biography page then click the DEMO button at the bottom. You'll be glad you did.)

So lets take a trip to Old Cape Cod.

Now that we have the mood music, we'll need a map.

We've got to cross the Cape Cod Canal at either the Sagamore Bridge or ...

Where will we stay?

Mmmm... Very nice, but not in my budget. Perhaps here?

Maybe if we skipped some meals we could afford it. Naw, I want Lobster!

I'll take it! It's still on the beach after all.
Now, let's have some fun!

Some window shopping...

See the sights...

So many lighthouses, I love it!

Time to head to the beach. Here's what I'm wearing.

Perfect for strolling the water's edge in search of seashells.
I'm starving, let's eat!

More shopping,

this time to buy souveniers.

I need postcards to send home and I just had to buy this hanky.
(Wish I had this one)

Did you enjoy your trip to Cape Cod?

We live only a 2-3 hours drive from this enchanting place. I've spent vacations on Cape Cod a couple of times in my life and it's lovely. Unfortunately, so many people love it that the in-season traffic is unbearable. That, combined with my hubby's total lack of enthusiasm for spending time at the beach means I haven't been here in years.  Perhaps a day trip could be pleaded for sometime soon.