Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Birthday...

to ME!

Yeah! One more year and I can order off the Senior Menu at Denny's! ☺   My sweet hubby (he's younger than I am) rolls his eyes and shakes his head when I say things like that. The way I look at it, you can't stop aging, so you may as well embrace it and all the good things that come with being older and wiser.

Here are some pretty birthday cards that were among my MIL's souveniers.

 This ballerina cards was from her husband.  

I love the glitter on this one.

This last image is a vintage postcard I picked up at a Flea Market. I think it looks just like the month of May.

Fell free to use these for your crafting.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh Deer, These Are Bear-y Cute.

I know, awful title but I couldn't resist.
Some cute bear birthday cards from my collection.

Inside the card, a gold arrow sticker points to the age.

The artwork on the card back is as cute as the rest of images.

Here's another happy bear, wearing a fez and playing his squeezebox!

Very cute sentiment inside.

And now for the deer. How sweet is this little card? Look at the pink flower on the ear! Too cute!

And here's the inside. Love the font on this one.

As always, feel free to use these images for your crafting pleasure.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cowboy or Astronaut?

I'd like to share a few more vintage birthday cards today. So lets head West...

This card unfolds into this. I love the ducks.

And another cowboy couple with cute animals.

I like to share the inside sentiment and images. This card went to 'Bunny' on her birthday. Does anyone get nicknamed Bunny anymore? Too cute.

And even the backside of this card has adorable artwork.

So maybe the cowboy life is not exciting enough for you. Then you would probably prefer to blast into space...with your pup! Wonderful red flocking on this one.

Great fun on the inside of this card.

This die-cut card has full artwork, front and back.

And here's the inside of this one.

I hope you enjoyed these and I'd love to see anything you make with these images.

Wishing you a happy day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I'm linking up with Sue at It's a Very CherryWorld! Happy Rednesday!

While I was away from my blog, I managed to get a bit of sewing done. Would you like to see?

These fresh new aprons and more are now available at my Etsy store. Yeah!
Found this wonderful red Mother's Day card among those saved by my MIL. I took some time to change the girl's hot pink knee socks to red. Much better. 
Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

What's Your Number?

Here are some fun children's birthday cards. Do you have any 'number' cards?

I love the bright colors and sweet faces on all of these.
Here's the entire '6' card when it's opened up.

I hope you are smiling now.  ☺
Please feel free to copy these card images to use in your crafting.