Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Last Aprons and More

These last two aprons are from Retro/Vintage patterns. I can never keep track of how old something is to qualify as vintage. I hate to think that something printed after I graduated from high school falls into that category, but... could be.
This blue apron is from Simplicity #9209, from 1979. I've managed to buy this pattern in three of the four sizes that were produced. I love that I only need a yard of fabric and it makes up very quickly.

This apron I made from a mail order pattern that I'm guessing is from the 1960s, judging from the artwork. I really like the lines on this pattern, very slimming.

Once again, a couple of my favorite bloggers have inspired some new crafting. I missed out on all the fun Halloween swaps going on as I just couldn't commit to them at the time. But I still was yearning to make some cute paper craft with a few of the adorable images I've saved from FlickR. A vintage looking Halloween cat in a star was spotted a while ago on Paula's sidebar (at Paula's Palace of AltAred Art). Then, on Tuesday, Elizabeth (at Bluebird Papercrafts) blogged a tutorial for making Christmas paper stars. That was just what I needed to get me going. So, I dug out the glitter, pipe cleaners and glue gun and came up with this. I have three more in progress and hope they will be strung up before Halloween.

Today, my son asked to go down the street to one of our favorite indoor flea markets.He hurried in ahead of me while I stopped to read a sign taped to the propped open door. Unfortunately, the sign said that tomorrow would be their last day. One of the first booths I came to had mostly Autumn/Winter holiday decorations. I nudged in next to a woman who was looking for a price on something and saw a piece of vintage fabric on the table in front of her. I asked if she wanted it and she told me no. I unfolded 2 yards of the cutest Christmas snowman fabric ever! It was not marked properly with the sellers ID but it did have a sticker on it that said $3.00. It was coming home with me. You can probably see if you enlarge the picture some yellow staining, but I'm hopeful it may wash out. Even if they don't, I'm sure I will get an adorable Christmas apron from this piece (if I can bear to cut into it).

I guess he's not actually a snowman or is it a she? Doesn't matter, does it? Love, love, love it!!!


barncat said...

Oh My Gosh! If you look at my blog one post back, or on my flickr, I posted a quilt I got at Goodwill and those adorable little snow guys are in it! I love that fabric! You MUST make an apron from it, lucky, lucky you!

You're two latest aprons are wonderful and I was tempted to make one of Elizabeth's stars too, great idea to do it for Halloween!

Cindy said...

I am with Lisa..I have this too in aunt made me a pillow using the material. It has rick-Rack around the edges..I love it..can't wait to get it out for the hoildays.I have had mine for at least 9 years.

Looking at the close up of it..I think it would be cute printed off for a paper design..just a thought.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham