Friday, June 29, 2012

Friendship Swap

My blog buddy, Elizabeth over at Creative Breathing has come up with another fun idea for a swap. She has asked her friends to create a papercrafted triangle, decorated to represent their blog in a one-on-one swap. I was honored to be on E's list of friends.
Following Elizabeth's lead, I have asked a few buddies to swap triangles with me so that I may create a friendship garland for my craft room. So far, I am swapping with:
Elizabeth...Creative Breathing
Sandy........521 Lake Street
Shirley......Zetta's Aprons
Tammy.....Tammy's In Love
Lynn.......Life on the Wienee Ranch  

I have made a few triangle banners before and given them away in swaps.

This JINGLE banner and...

This SUMMER banner and...

This SPOOKY banner. (Sorry about picture quality. I'm not good at photographing these.)

As I am planning my triangles I know there will be gingham, rick-rack, buttons and of course aprons. Now to get it all onto a 8"x9" triangle.
If you love this idea, I hope you will swap friendship triangles with your blog buddies and link up on Creative Breathing's post. It will be great fun to see all of these creations.  And if you would like to swap with me, please just ask. I would love to swap with you. (I will have a limit as to how many I will make but I'm not sure what that is yet.)


Creative Breathing said...

Linda, Your banners are absolutely wonderful! These are my favorite types. I have to laugh at the McLinky labels, they say Friend Hip Swap. Now come on! We aren't that old! Too funny! Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

You know what's so funny? When Elizabeth first asked me (in my surgery fog) I thought to my self, "A triangle? Wouldn't that look kind of weird?" I mentally had the triangle upside down like a pyramid instead of a banner pennant! Hee-hee!

Mickie said...

You are so clever, I think these are wonderful! I love them!

Katmom said...

I luv your 'banners'...and jeepers, the "Jingle" one looks really familiar! wink wink!
I know I luv it!
I tried my hand at making one, for one of my trailers,,,it came out ok, but nothing as sweet as yours!

Shirley Hatfield said...

Hi, Linda, could you send me your address for the swap...I should have held on to the one on the apron! I love those banners you much have a lot of creativity to spare! Lot's of great ideas to squirrel away. =D