Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Still Breathing

I know, it's been forever since I've added anything on here. I don't have any new aprons to show. My sewing room is a disaster with very little room to work. But I have been working on a couple of quilt tops. One is this fun Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along with Rachel on her blog 'P.S. I Quilt'. Since I have a soft spot for Pinwheel blocks, I couldn't resist jumping in to play with a wonderful bunch of quilters. Here are my blocks finished so far.

The other is a row by row round robin quilt in one of my swap-bot groups. Each of the 11 people participating will send to each of the others a 6"x44" decorated strip in their chosen theme. I'm hoping with both of these projects to be using up some of my fabric stash. In the first round my partner had chosen her theme to be for her 4 year old son. Here's what I sent off for them.

Hopefully I will update soon on these projects and get some more aprons to show.


Nicc79 said...

Quilt Top and the Strip look great. :D

What is P.S?


Creative Breathing said...

Linda Ruthie, I am so glad you posted today so that I would have a chance to visit and tell you how much I enjoyed your story on my giveaway post. I was right there with you every moment of the tale. I adore the everyday stories of people's lives, and this was one full of them from details about beloved rooms and aunts filling cupboards with glasses and plates. I have been enjoying looking at all your wonderful aprons! I must make myself an apron! It will take major finger crossing for them to turn out as cute as yours! Again, thank you so much for sharing! Elizabeth