Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There's More to Life Than Aprons

There are so many wonderful people out in blog-land who freely share their ideas, recipes, patterns, stories, photography and in general, inspiration. I enjoy reading my favorites and I'm always discovering new ones to add to my list. But I also feel a bit of regret with each lovely blog I read. I regret that I haven't been adding to my blog on a regular basis. I decided some of the cause of that was that I don't find or make wonderful new aprons every day. So, even though this started as a blog specifically about aprons, I think that I will enjoy it more if I don't limit myself. If you have been kind enough to stop by and read some of my posts, I hope this decision will not disappoint you. My goal is to keep some record of my crafty life and perhaps I can return the kindness of so many bloggers and offer some inspiration. Here's just a bit of vintage loveliness that I recently acquired.


craftyles said...

Hi Linda,
Just wanted to thank you for your comment on my new blog. I too adore sewing and hope to share some of my projects in the future. I'll be checking your blog now.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I started out blogging in a similar way, thinking I would only do posts about certain things like quilting and vintage fabrics but blogging became a lot more interesting and fun when I opened up to new topics! Have fun with your new posts and ideas!
Have a great day!

Shawnee said...

GREAT to see an update from you. Of course, there is a little more to life than aprons. =) Although, it would be great if you joined one of my next swaps - miss you!!