Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leslie, over at Brookhollow Lane has honored me with the Trendy Blog Award. I must say that 'trendy' has never before been used to describe myself or my interests. I am and always have been very old fashioned in my tastes and ideas. Only by connecting with people from all over the world (thanks to the internet) do I now see that there is a trend toward these things. I love finding others who prefer vintage to new, who love to sew and craft, who homeschool and who proudly share their latest thrift shop or flea market treasure. I find I'm making new friends nearly every day just by clicking on the little icon next to someone's comment. And their blog leads me to another and another. So, thank you Leslie for this award and for being one of my blogging friends.

Now I am to choose 10 bloggers to give this award to, leave them a comment to let them know and they in turn are to post about receiving it and choose 10 bloggers to award. (The math on this is mind boggling!)

In deciding which blogs to award, I looked for bloggers who might appreciate some visitors and perhaps some new followers. All of these ladies will treat you to vintage eye candy and/or inspiring crafts. Enjoy!

Holly at Girls at Heart


A Vintage Chic said...

I appreciate the vintage girl in you, Linda Ruthie! It's nice when who we really are and trendy collide, right?!

Hope you're having a wonderful evening!


joy said...

Hello, Thanks for thinking of me. Here is the problem... I have no idea how to get that little blog award picture on my challenged is what I am. Joy

Joanna said...


thank you for the award & shout out! I appreciate it and the nice comment you left on my blog. You are too sweet! :)

I am thinking about moving over to wordpress... will have to let you know when I get that all figured out.

thanks for stoppin' bye!
hugs, Joanna

craftyles said...

Linda Ruthie,
You deserve this award and such a great post. At least you figureed out how to get the image on your blog. I'm such a dufus when it comes to computers. Anyway, Happy Memorial Day!

Vicki said...

Hello, Linda Ruthie, and congratulations on your award!! The vintage apron in your heading reminds me of one my mother had only hers was purple and white checked. Enjoy your weekend, dear friend~ Vicki

Creative Breathing said...

Linda, I loved your comments about your brother's wedding, and I do hope you find a photograph. I looked and looked for just the right one on floick to no avail. I am so glad that you have been awarded the Trendy Old is New Again Award! Who knew we would be in style one day! Yeah! Elizabeth

Pam Kellogg said...

Linda Ruthie, thank you so much for the lovely comments you left on my blog and for the sweet award! I will add it to my blog tomorrow.

I tried replying to your email but it kept coming back to me.

Thank you so much!