Thursday, July 15, 2010

Backyard Beauties

There have been a few things I've been wanting to blog about lately but life keeps getting in the way. Today I'll start off with some things I love outside my back door.

This is one of my flower gardens in the back yard. So many beautiful daylilies to choose from.

These are my husband's favorite. They're called Cherry Cheeks. Just incredible color.

On Monday my son found this Robin's nest in our hedge along the driveway. There was one egg out of the nest and wedged between a branch and the nest. He got out the garden gloves and I held the branches out of the way while he gently put the egg back into the nest. The parent's continued to sit on all 4 eggs. On Wednesday the first one hatched out. That's what the bit of pink blurr is in the picture.

I'll try to post again soon. I've got apron tags to show next.


Creative Breathing said...

Oh Linda! What a wonderful post. I too have a very long Day Lilly border that first blooms yellow and then orange, (why, I don't know!)but I have never seen the beautiful color you have. Love the name! Robin's eggs! I have never actually seen their eggs in a nest. They really are blue! Wow! Thanks for the fun visit! Elizabeth

Nan said...

Oh I love lillies as they do well here where i live. This color is stunning. I'm always wanting other shades that the oranges I see a lot.
The little blue eggs are so sweet and glad one hatched.

Judy said...

Beautiful! My sister grows daylilies in her yard in Bondsville. She has a bunch of different varieties. She finds a lot of them at a daylily farm in Bethlehem, NH.