Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cruise Night

The weather this past Tuesday evening was so beautiful, a welcome relief from the heat and humidity we've had all month. It was the perfect night to head over to the nearby Elks Club for their Cruise Night.

The field filled up with all sorts of vintage cars and trucks. Sounds of the Beach Boys, Frankie Valli and Elvis fill the air.

Members of the Elks Club man the kitchen, BBQ, bar and raffle ticket table.

I love the cars that are still in original condition.Look at the pristine interior on this beauty.

The motorcycles gather over on the blacktop. There's lots of Harleys (Sorry, I'm not a Harley fan.) But this Indian sure caught my attention.

And you couldn't miss this Cadillac painted in glittered bright red. I'm sure it won't fit in a regular sized garage. It was huge. I love the fins.

I knew when I saw this I had to share it with all of you. Someone crocheted a coat for their hood ornament! We had the biggest laugh over this.

And they do this every Tuesday night from May through September. Maybe we'll get to go again before the season is over.


Judy said...

We went to Cruise Night once a few years ago. I bet my husband would enjoy it again. You took some great photos!

Mary said...

I LOVE the red caddy !!! WOW