Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vintage Apron Tags

Cindy over at Rick-Rack and Gingham is hosting a couple of swaps for apron banner/tags. I came in late to join the swap, but Cindy, being the perfect hostess, gave me her spot in the Vintage Apron group.

I used one of my favorite vintage patterns as inspiration for my aprons. So many pretty papers to choose from!

And a back view. We needed to include an apron memory on our tag. My story is hidden under the apron. Just untie the apron strings.

I have some mini clothes pins in my stash so I plan to clip my aprons onto some string for a clothesline banner.

On a sad note, we had a violent thunderstorm come through last night and it destroyed the Robin's nest shown in my previous post.


Beedeebabee said...

Hi Linda! These apron tags are just about the sweetest things ever!!! How beautiful you made each one. :) ... I'm so sad about the robin's nest. I'm hoping the baby bird(s) were somehow saved. I know that's probably wishful thinking, but I do hope so...poor things. xo Paulette

Nan said...

Oh these are so cute.
That's a shame about the nest.

Cindy said...

I'm glad you took pictures. I took them too..but this darn mi-fi here won't let me post anymore pictures or blog. I only can email and comment...So My Dear Linda..the aprons were precious!! I slightly have regrets giving over my spot..because I don't get any of the cutttteeee vintage aprons..but I would do it again to have you in it!! I mean that!!!

Besides you made up for no aprons with that precious apron towel. As soon as I get home I will post a picture of it. You do really great work!! I am thinking of framing it and not using

I am glad to add you to my list of neighbors. In real life we would sit and chat and you could teach me to stitch!!And I could keep you in

Hugs from me..Cindy Rick-Rack and Gingham

Michle said...

Hi Linda, what cute aprons. Where do you get the cute vintage looking papers. I would love to get some for myself. So sorry about the birds. Nature can be harsh sometimes.

Old Machala Farm

barncat said...

Your aprons are just adorable! Love how you nade then open on the back, so clever!

Creative Breathing said...

Linda, How clever you are! Your apron tags are truly wonderful. That you used a real vintage pattern as your inspiration is, well, inspiring! I can't wait for the tags to arrive! Elizabeth PS I can't believe my word verification is bathrubtm I think they do this on purpose!

Kari said...

Oh my! Your tags are *incredible*!!! I'm so glad I get one!!:) So sorry about the nest.

Shawnee H said...

Ack!!! Those are adorable!! I'm in one her tag swaps, too, the Mary Engelbreit apron. SO GOOD to see you around.

I have a new Flirty Apron Swap open if you're interested. =)


craftyles said...

Your apron tags are so adorable. You are really talented with your papercrafting! Sorry about the storm and the nest.

Celestial Charms said...

These are splendid. I'm awe struck at the moment. I think I must try to make these someday. Love aprons...and stories!